Quarantine Guy Con

Catholic Guy 3 was planned for August of 2020, but a novel (and nasty) coronavirus put a halt on making plans. So, with everyone in quarantine, a new idea was born: Quarantine Guy Con. With listeners watching from around the world, there was the Catholic Guy Match Game with celebrity guests, a live radio show, and a Catholic Guy Off The Record for the ages!

Catholic Guy Con 2

In August of 2019, fans of the show gathered in the great city of Boston to spend a weekend with The Catholic Guy Show team. There was a #nastylistener talent show, a live radio show, Catholic Guy Off The Record, and an event at Fenway Park!

Catholic Guy Con

In August of 2018, fans of the Catholic Guy Show gathered in Lino's home state of Minnesota. There was a live radio show, Catholic Guy After Hours, Lino’s Mom doing Hickety Pickety, Lino’s dad playing his organ, and a visit to Lino’s old high school! 

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