We've posted some of our favorite segments here for you to play or download. There are some pretty well-produced segments and our most popular song parodies.

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Amazon Echo Muppet

For years, the Amazon Echo has made your life easier with Alexa. Now, Amazon is proud to bring you the latest innovation in voice controlled smart speaker technology.

Baby Got Ash - Song Parody

"Oh my gosh. Becky, look at her face. Her ashes are so big."

Can I Eat Meat Now? - Song Parody

"I smell some meat just outside my door, but I know I can't eat that no more."

Christopher Robin - Lino's Movie Review

" had the guy from Trainspotting in it."

Emotional Support Muppet

Right now, the threat of Coronavirus has forced millions of Americans to quarantine in isolation. People are struggling to find something to cope with these troubling times, but there is hope.

Gooch Hotline

Lino Rulli has caused dozens of sports teams to lose and is responsible for just as many celebrities passing away. Lino Rulli's Gooch Hotline allows you to expoit his evil gooch powers to your benefit.

History - Song Parody

"Don't know much about history. I view it all with uncertainty."

Lenten Sacrifice - Song Parody

"As I walk through the food court on a Friday in Lent..."

Lino Maps

Now there's a new app the allows you to listen to Lino all the time that also helps you get to where you want to go.

Lino Rulli Motivational Speaker

Lino Rulli can now be your personal life coach with his brand new system called "It's Fine. It's Just Fine. How to Stop Getting Sick and Tylered of Being Sick and Tylered".

Muppet Tours

Tyler Veghte, unlike that nasty Bible Geek Mark Hart, he's actually been to the Holy Land. That means he now knows everything there is to know about Jesus. Now, he's decided to share that knowledge with you.

Muppetta Stone

Are you one of those people who think you just can't learn a new language? It's not just because you're dumb, it's also because you haven't found a muppet to teach it to you. But that's all about to change.

Never Gonna Eat You Up - Song Parody

"Never gonna eat you up. Never gonna scarf you down. Never gonna make God frown and ingest you."

No Meat Tonight - Song Parody

"No meat tonight. It's a Friday in the time of Lent. Having beef would make me quite content, but I cannot eat meat tonight."

Old Man Lino Rulli - Song Parody

"Old man look at your life. 48 and you don't look great. Aging worse than a fax machine."

Quarantine Time - Song Parody

"I know you don't want to stay at home."

We're Not Gonna Eat Meat - Song Parody

"We've got the skill to refuse it. Don't even try and chew it. This is our faith, we must stay strong!"

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