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Ep 285: Tyler’s new Song Parody, Mass with Cardinal Dolan, and Lino and Fr Jim’s Moms!

The podcast kicks off with Tyler doing a new song parody for – and about – Fr Jim Chern! Then, Lino tells a story about his recent trip to Lourdes, France…and what happened when Cardinal Dolan invited him for a private Mass. After that, its Mothers Day: With special appearances by Fr Jim’s mom…and Lino’s mom!

Ep 284: Whats Up With That, Clean Feet, Holier Than Thou, and Masterpiece Theater!

The podcast kicks off with Fr Jim Chern and Whats Up With That?! Then, Lino has some odd questions about clean feet. After that, Mark Hart challenges Lino to be Holier Than Thou. And the podcast wraps up with another edition of Catholic Guy Masterpiece Theater!

Ep 283: Eastertide Parody, Hart to the Heartless, Bible or Fortune Cookie, and Ten Concerts!

The podcast kicks off with an Eastertide song parody. And bad theology! Then, Mark Hart challenges Lino to be heartless with the Scriptures. And he succeeds. After that, Fr Jim Chern determines if a line is from the Bible or a Fortune Cookie. The podcast wraps up with Lino’s Top Ten Concerts. And a volcano.

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