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Catholic Guy Podcast #266: The Third Annual Rulli Thanksgiving!

It’s time for the Lino’s Big Fat Italian Catholic Thanksgiving! With Mark Hart, Fr Jim Chern, Fr Dave Dwyer, Lino’s wife, mom, and dad…it has everything you need for another crazy Thanksgiving celebration…

Catholic Guy Podcast #265: Lino the Liar, Christmas decorations, All Souls, and Catholic Password!

The podcast kicks off with Lino telling Mark Hart how he wants to be a good Christian. And turns into a segment about how to lie. Oops. Then, Tyler asks a question about Christmas decorations. The guys then talk all souls and who they want to see in heaven. And the podcast wraps up with another crazy round of Catholic Password!

Catholic Guy Podcast #264: Lino’s Tombstone, a 45th birthday, and Hickety Pickety with Lino’s Mom!

The podcast kicks off with Mark Hart and Lino deciding “Whats on Lino’s Tombstone”! After that cheery segment, Fr Jim Chern stops by to talk about what Lino did for his 45th birthday. Then, Lino’s Mom calls in to share her stories about his birth…and the podcast wraps up with her playing Hickety Pickety!

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