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TCGS Podcast #188: Lino in NY with Mark Hart, The Bible Geek!

Lino’s back in NYC talking Bible, and pretty much every random topic on earth, with Mark Hart, the Bible Geek! The podcast kicks off by picking the least favorite apostle, and most popular Bible verses to email. Then, its Foo Fighters vs Pope. Finally, the guys play the show’s most popular new segment, “Have You Ever?”


TCGS Podcast #187: Lino in St Louis with Leah Darrow, seminarians, and priests!

Lino is live in St Louis! The podcast kicks off with America’s Next Top Model, Leah Darrow. But she’s not just a pretty face…she’s really funny. And pregnant! They¬†are joined by seminarians, Fr. Chris Martin, and then Leah and Lino play a round of “Have You Ever?”


TCGS Podcast #186: Lino in Pittsburgh with a live audience, Troy Polamalu, and Holly Joy!

Lino is live in Pittsburgh with a live studio audience for “Ask Lino Anything.” Then, he’s joined by Pittsburgh Steelers legend Troy Polamalu to talk faith, football, and follicles. Finally, he and Holly Joy talk traveling and virtues (or lack thereof).

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