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Catholic Guy Podcast #258: Lino and Mark Hart talk rats, needles, and passwords!

The podcast kicks off with Mark telling a story about…a rat in a toilet. Yay! Then, Lino tells a story about…a needle that almost killed him. Double Yay! Finally, the return of “Catholic Password” – and the password is…funny.

Catholic Guy Podcast #257: Lino in Rome (and Malta) for Mother Teresa’s Canonization!

Lino’s in Rome for Mother Teresa’s Canonization! The podcast kicks off with…his weekend in Malta. Nothing about Mother Teresa, but plenty of craziness ensued. Then, Mark Zuckerberg gave the Pope a drone? And finally, Lino heads to confession – and meets a woman who used to work with Mother Teresa.

Catholic Guy Podcast #256: A personal tour of Saint Peter’s Basilica before Mother Teresa’s Canonization

Lino and Fr Dave Dwyer are in Rome for Mother Teresa’s canonization! The podcast kicks off with a private tour of St Peter’s Basilica: from Saint John Paul II’s tomb, to random Pope tombs, to the chapel where Lino got married, Lino’s your tour guide. After that, the boys head for lunch…and you get to listen to them eat!

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