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TCGS Podcast #198: Lino in the Philippines with Pope Francis!

Lino heads to the Philippines! The podcast kicks off with Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, the Cardinal-Archbishop of Manila, and one of Lino’s favorite guests of all time. Then, Lino heads to Mass with the Cardinal for Sunday Mass. And finally, it’s the “Meeting with Families” in an arena in Manila – and the Pope talks off the cuff about resting and dreams. And Lino was there to cover it all.


TCGS Podcast #197: Lino talks Christmas, New Years, and Jesus!

The first podcast of 2015 kicks off with Lino back in NYC joined by old friend (and fellow co-worker) Lou Ruggieri. Lino got 2 special Christmas gifts: from Cardinal Dolan and Luke Russert! Next, he explains why church is the perfect New Year’s Eve plan. Even in the Bahamas. Then, Mark Hart, the Bible Geek, drops by to talk about…Jesus and the Bible and stuff.


TCGS Podcast #196: Lino and Mark Hart celebrate Christmas!

Lino is joined by Mark Hart, The Bible Geek, to talk all things Christmas! The podcast kicks off by discussing Lino’s dad’s love of Christmas trees. Then, it’s time to open up the Advent Calendar and see who’s there. Finally, Mark tells Lino all about Christmas in the Bible – since Lino’s too lazy to read it himself…

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