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TCGS Podcast #178: Lino in Chicago with a live studio audience at Spirit Juice Studios!

Lino’s in Chicago, broadcasting from Spirit Juice Studios! The podcast kicks off with a live studio audience where Lino meets listeners…and tells the story behind the worst haircut he’s ever had. Then, Rob Kaczmark from Spirit Juice stops by to talk tv, radio, and…Lino’s future in broadcasting?


TCGS Podcast #177: Lino in Austin, TX with Jennifer Fulwiler!

Lino heads to Austin, TX to be joined by atheist-turned-Catholic Jennifer Fulwiler! The podcast kicks off by Lino’s recap of a recent Catholic Guy Pub Crawl. They then talk 4th of July…with Carl Lewis. And Jennifer recaps how Tupac helped her convert to Catholicism.


TCGS Podcast #176: Lino in Baltimore with Fr Leo Patalinghug!

Lino heads to Baltimore to broadcast with his friend, Fr Leo Patalinghug! Fr Leo knows how to cook, knows how to sing, and Lino can’t do either. And Lino proves that point throughout the podcast…

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