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Catholic Guy Podcast #262: Mark Hart Takeover!

It’s Mark Hart’s birthday! Lino gives him the nicest (and cheapest) birthday present he can think of: Letting Mark take over the show. First up, Mark asks what Lino has learned from him over the past 10 years. Oh oh. Then, Mark hosts Catholic Password! After that, Mark talks about Homecoming. And the show wraps up by talking about routines…which is ironic considering how out of the norm this show was…

Catholic Guy Podcast #261: Top Lino Questions, Papal Debate, and a Holy Land Quiz!

The podcast kicks off with Mark telling Lino the “Top 3″ questions people have about Lino. Then, the two go head to head for the first Papal Debate… see who wins! After that, they kick off a new segment: Song of Songs. Prepare your ears. And finally, Fr Jim stops by for a Holy Land quiz thats far from holy…

Catholic Guy Podcast #260: BIG Announcement: Lino with Mark Hart, Fr Jim Chern, and Lino’s Mom!

After 3 years on the road, Lino’s got a BIG announcement! Its so big he needs Mark Hart and Fr Jim Chern…plus Lino’s mom calls in to add to the craziness.

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