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Catholic Guy Podcast #219: Lino in Iowa and Wisconsin!

Lino does a tour of the Women of the Midwest! First stop is Des Moines, Iowa, with Lisa Schmidt ¬†– The Practicing Catholic – and she tries to teach him the Litany of Humility? Oh oh. Then he drives to La Crosse, Wisconsin to meet up with Alice Heinzen. Alice and her husband represented US married couples to the Pope…and now Alice has some questions for Lino’s upcoming wedding. Oh oh.

Catholic Guy Podcast #218: Lino in Kenya with Fr. Andrew Small and a bunch of seminarians!

Lino heads to Nairobi, Kenya, with Fr. Andrew Small! The podcast kicks off describing the wonderful propeller plane the guys took from Ethiopia to Kenya. Then, they visit a seminary in Nairobi with some of the most entertaining seminarians you’ve ever heard!

Catholic Guy Podcast #217: Lino in Ethiopia with the Ark of the Covenant!

Lino heads to Ethiopia with Fr Andrew Small, national director of the Pontifical Mission Socities! The podcast kicks off with the guys heading to the city of Axum, where they¬†visit the Ark of the Covenant! Or…do they? Then they head to Addis Ababa, where they visit the Missionaries of Charity and the extraordinary work they do helping the poorest of the poor.

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