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Holy Land Pilgrimage!

Ever wanted to walk where Jesus walked? Ever wanted to walk there with Lino Rulli and Fr Dave Dwyer? If so, you’re in luck!

The Catholic Guy-Busted Halo Pilgrimage to the Holy Land is happening in March, 2015!

Due to the popularity of our pilgrimages, we do a lottery system. From Wednesday, November 19 at 10pm ET to Thursday, November 20 at 10pm ET: you have 24 hours to enter the lottery. If your name is drawn, you “get” to spend thousands of dollars to travel with us. Details are below and see you soon!


TCGS Podcast #192: Lino live in Steubenville, Ohio with Bob Rice, Bob Lefnesky, and Emily Stimpson!

Lino goes to Franciscan University of Steubenville! The podcast kicks off with musician, professor, and all around pleasant human being, Bob Rice. Then, Bob Lefnesky talks about Dirty Vagabond Ministries (and tattoos). Finally, author Emily Stimpson stops by the show to talk dating, faith, and…brussel sprouts?


TCGS Podcast #191: Lino in Austin, TX with Jennifer Fulwiler!

Lino heads to Austin, TX to hang out with best selling author Jennifer Fulwiler! The podcast kicks off with Lino homeschooling Jen’s kids. Yikes. Then, Jen gives Lino engagement advice. Finally, pro-life advocate…and overall fun human being…Abby Johnson stops by!

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