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TCGS Podcast #185: Lino in Toronto with Mayor Rob Ford, Ray Liotta, and Fr Tom Rosica!

Lino meets controversial Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in the mayor’s last interview before dropping out of the race. Then, “Goodfellas” star Ray Liotta stops by to talk about his latest film. Finally, Lino chats with Fr. Tom Rosica about his friendship with John Paul II…and Pope Francis!


TCGS Podcast #184: Lino, and his mom, back in NYC!

Lino’s back from Asia and hanging out in his apartment…with his mom as co-host! From surviving a fire, to talking about death (yay), to mom’s favorite game – Hickety Pickety – it’s always entertaining when Mrs. Rulli stops by the show.


TCGS Podcast #183: Lino with Pope Francis at Asian Youth Day!

Pope Francis flew halfway around the world to hang out with thousands of Asian Youth…so Lino followed along to Asian Youth Day! See what happens when Lino – a non Asian, non youth – hangs out with them for a day.

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