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Ep 275: Song of Songs, Newlywed Game, Tyler Sings, and Tattoos!

The podcast kicks off with Lino and Mark Hart playing “Song of Songs” – and Tyler singing. Then, Lino’s wife Jill stops by to play The Newlywed Game! After that, Mark and Lino talk Valentines Day…and Tyler sings some more. And the podcast wraps up with Fr Jim Chern finding out if Lino got a tattoo in the Holy Land!

Ep 274: Lino and Gus Lloyd in the Holy Land!

Lino and Gus Lloyd visit the Holy Land! The pilgrimage begins with a walking tour of the Old City…and a visit to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. They then head up to the Sea of Galilee – for St Peters Fish and a tour of Jesus’ hometown, Capernaum. The podcast wraps up with a live studio audience Q&A in Jerusalem!

Ep 273: Inside Lino’s Brain, Spiritual Attack, Rumors, and This or That!

The podcast kicks off with Mark Hart doing something very dangerous: going Inside Lino’s Brain! Then, Hallie Lord stops by to talk spiritual attack. Plus, she searched the internet for rumors about Lino…which he has to confirm or deny. Finally, Fr Jim Chern is on to do This or That!

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