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Catholic Guy Podcast #271: Fr Jim’s ex-girlfriend, Brilliant Brackets, and Glass Animal Collections!

The podcast kicks off with Lino asking how Fr Jim Chern is dealing with breaking up with his girlfriend. These things take time. Then, the guys do a Brilliant Brackets: Which day should become a Holiday Day of¬†Obligation? After that, Mark Hart goofs on Lino’s glass animal collection. And Lino’s Mom joins in the fun!

Catholic Guy Podcast #270: Bob Dylan, Pope TV Shows, and Coded Christmas Carols!

The podcast kicks off with Lino and Fr Jim Chern listening to some Bob Dylan Christmas classics. Which drives Fr Jim crazy. Then, Mark Hart and Lino¬†contemplate 2 Popes moving in together…and what the name of that reality show would be called. Finally, Mark and Lino play Christmas carols – and read between the lines.

Catholic Guy Podcast #269: Christmas Special with Fr Leo Patalinghug and Tom Leopold!

Join Lino, Fr Leo, and Tom at the Rulli home for the 3rd Annual “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” Special! Fr Leo loses his iPhone, Tom shows up late, the guys sing Christmas carols, and Tom reads a very random poem. Plus, Fr Leo’s recipes and Tom’s all-around craziness.

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