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TCGS Podcast #182: Lino with Pope Francis in South Korea!

Lino follows Pope Francis all the way to South Korea for Asian Youth Day! So…he meets Asian Youth: He chats with Edward, who’s an Asian Youth and won’t become a priest. Then, he meets Wis, who’s an Asian Youth, and a fan from Indonesia!? Finally he meets Halin, his biggest fan in South Korea, who takes him church shopping “Gangnam Style”.


TCGS Podcast #181: Lino in Des Moines, Iowa!

Lino heads to lovely Des Moines, Iowa and meets…Iowans! First up, a seminarian with a story unlike you’ve ever heard. Then, a live studio audience at a brewery. And the show wraps up with the folks who invited Lino to Iowa in the first place: Joel and Lisa Schmidt!


TCGS Podcast #180: Lino on pilgrimage with listeners in Rome and Assisi!

Lino’s on pilgrimage through Rome and Assisi with Fr. Jim Chern, and a live studio audience of pilgrims! From seeing St Peter’s Basilica for the first time, to the Eucharistic Miracle in Orvieto, and you even get to listen to Lino with a head cold…

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