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Catholic Guy Podcast #242: Lino in MN with his Mom and Dad getting marriage advice!

Lino returns to his home state of Minnesota and broadcasts from the Rulli Compound with his Mom and Dad! First up, Pops gives marriage advice: somehow hilarious and yet heartfelt. Then, Mom gives her advice…though she doesn’t want to. Tune in and see how Lino gets ready to get hitched!

Catholic Guy Podcast #241: Lino in NYC with his mom, Mark Hart, and Lou Ruggieri!

Lino’s in NYC and on his couch when his mom calls in to talk wedding stuff, and play everyone’s favorite, Hickety Pickety! After that, it’s time to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Mark Hart, The Bible Geek! And then Lou Ruggieri stops by for a Brilliant Brackets to determine which saint they’d like to join them for March Madness!

Catholic Guy Podcast #240: Lino in NYC with Tom Leopold, the legendary Paul Shaffer, and Fr Jim Chern!

The podcast kicks off in Lino’s apartment with comedy writer Tom Leopold. From the Holy Land to helping Tom overcome some bad habits this Lent, they then talk potato guns and confession. Then, Tom invited his friend Paul Shaffer (yep, that Paul Shaffer) over to sit on the couch! After that, Fr Jim Chern breaks down the Prodigal Son story – with our apologies to the fatted calf – and they wrap it up with “Whats Up With That?”

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