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Catholic Guy Podcast #209: Lino in Cleveland with a board breaking priest, a spoon playing seminarian, and a live studio audience!

Lino heads to Cleveland, Ohio! The podcast kicks off with Fr. Andy Turner, a 4th degree black belt, and Fr Damian Ference, who Jewel once dedicated a song to. Then, time for a live studio audience of “Ask Lino Anything” which includes a seminarian playing spoons and Fr Andy breaking boards with his hands. Lino even tries…so tune in to see what happens.


Catholic Guy Podcast #208: Lino in Washington DC with a live studio audience – and The Girlfriend!

Lino visits our nation’s capital (well, if you live in America) and is joined by a live studio audience for what’s becoming everyone’s favorite experience: “Ask Lino Anything”! Plus, you’re treated to an extra special guest: Lino calls The Girlfriend live on the air – and talks diamonds.


Catholic Guy Podcast #207: Lino in NYC with Fr Jim Chern and David Letterman (kinda)!

Lino is back in NYC and Fr Jim Chern stops by to talk about…pretty much everything – from Good Friday parking to judging people in line for confession! Then, Lino visits the Late Show with David Letterman and sees his TV idol one last time. He gets front row seats, and brings The Girlfriend, for a surprisingly sweet tribute.

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