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Catholic Guy Podcast #216: Lino in Boston with a live studio audience!

Lino heads to Boston for a wicked-awesome show with a live studio audience! Joined by Fr. Robert Reed of CatholicTV, the show is even simulcast on television: letting you listen to – and look at – Lino all at once! Plus, with questions ranging from the fiancee to why Lino stays in radio, it’s another great round of “Ask Lino Anything”.

Catholic Guy Podcast #215: Lino in Toronto at Salt & Light TV!

Lino heads to Toronto to visit Salt & Light TV! The podcast kicks off with Sebastian Gomes, host/producer of “The Francis Effect” – and he and Lino talk about the Pope, the Church, and pretty much everything else. Then, Fr Tom Rosica, English language assistant to the Holy See Press Office, stops by to play a very Vatican-y round of 7 Deadly Questions.

Catholic Guy Podcast #214: A Catholic Guy Pilgrimage to Rome, Florence, and Turin!

Time for another Catholic Guy Pilgrimage! The podcast kicks off with Lino bringing the folks to St Peter’s Square…and a very important obelisk. Then, they head up to Florence, Italy, for the return of an always popular segment: Interview with the Saints. Finally, it’s time to see the Shroud of Turin! Get reactions from Lino, the listeners on the pilgrimage, and even from Timmy the Fly.

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