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Catholic Guy Podcast #222: Lino in St Louis with Leah Darrow!

Lino heads to St Louis, MO to hang with Leah Darrow! The podcast kicks off with Lino trying to find a church with snow. What? Then, Lino and Leah talk about how to deal with negativity. Which leads to the return of a very popular segment: Traditional (Boring) Catholic Radio! If you survive that, Lino and Leah wrap the podcast up by naming Leah’s next book. Kinda.

Catholic Guy Podcast #221: Lino in California with a live studio audience!

Lino heads to Orange County, California to enjoy the sand and surf. But instead, he’s inside – just yards away from the beach – with a live studio audience! Listeners ask Lino crazy questions about the papacy, dating, and even if he’ll serve in the military. It’s always fun when folks get to “Ask Lino Anything”!

Catholic Guy Podcast #220: Lino and Fr Leo Patalinghug in NYC!

Lino’s back in his NYC apartment and joined by his friend Fr Leo Patalinghug! The podcast kicks off with the guys talking faith, food, and why everything that’s bad for us is what Lino loves. Then, Fr Leo forces Lino to go into his own kitchen and learn to make an omelette. Easier said than done!

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