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Ep 282: Hawaii, Old Time Radio, and Belief vs Doubt!

Lino went to Hawaii for his one year anniversary of marriage…and lived to tell about it! From sunburn to superstitions to Scripture translations. Then, another Catholic Guy Masterpiece Theater (aka Old Time Radio): St Damien of Molokai. Finally, the podcast wraps up with a new game: Belief vs Doubt!

Ep 281: Catholic Guy Masterpiece, Lino’s Sorry, and Fr Jim’s Had A Bad Lent!

The podcast kicks off with Lino, Mark Hart and Tyler performing a Catholic Guy Masterpiece Theater original piece. Then, Lino apologies to 12 people (kinda). And Fr Jim Chern’s had a bad Lent. Really bad. With lots of song parodies. Speaking of music, the podcast wraps up with one of Lino’s favorite (sad) songs.

Ep 280: Fr Jim’s Lent, Steak or Wife, A Riddle, and Song of Songs!

After the podcast kicks off with a new show open, Lino and Fr Jim talk Lent! And how bad Fr Jim’s Lent is going. Then, Lino has to decide between steak…or his wife. After that, what do Denmark and Portugal have in common? Find out. Finally, Mark Hart and Lino go head-to-head on Song of Songs.

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