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Catholic Guy Podcast #206: Lino in Pittsburgh with a live audience and Holly Joy!

Lino returns to Pittsburgh with a live studio audience and his co-host Holly Joy! The show kicks off talking about prayer…and then pretty much goes everywhere. After that, the audience gets their turn to do the always popular segment: “Ask Lino Anything” – and boy, do they ever.


Catholic Guy Podcast #205: Lino in The Holy Land!

Lino is joined by Fr Dave Dwyer, Brett Siddell, and 40 Catholic Channel listeners on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land! The podcast kicks off at the Mount of Transfiguration. The crew then jumps on the bus for a Q&A. Then, they enter the Church of the Nativity as they visit the birthplace of Jesus Christ.


Catholic Guy Podcast #204: Artist Confidential with Matt Maher…and parenting tips with Jennifer Fulwiler!

The podcast kicks off with an Artist Confidential featuring Matt Maher performing live! Lino and Matt talk music, faith, and celebrate Matt’s new album “Saints and Sinners”. Then, Jennifer Fulwiler stops by the show to give Lino parenting tips – as well as see if he has what it takes to…change a diaper?

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