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TCGS Podcast #183: Lino with Pope Francis at Asian Youth Day!

Pope Francis flew halfway around the world to hang out with thousands of Asian Youth…so Lino followed along to Asian Youth Day! See what happens when Lino – a non Asian, non youth – hangs out with them for a day.


TCGS Podcast #182: Lino with Pope Francis in South Korea!

Lino follows Pope Francis all the way to South Korea for Asian Youth Day! So…he meets Asian Youth: He chats with Edward, who’s an Asian Youth and won’t become a priest. Then, he meets Wis, who’s an Asian Youth, and a fan from Indonesia!? Finally he meets Halin, his biggest fan in South Korea, who takes him church shopping “Gangnam Style”.


TCGS Podcast #181: Lino in Des Moines, Iowa!

Lino heads to lovely Des Moines, Iowa and meets…Iowans! First up, a seminarian with a story unlike you’ve ever heard. Then, a live studio audience at a brewery. And the show wraps up with the folks who invited Lino to Iowa in the first place: Joel and Lisa Schmidt!

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